IDD-Sterilization-244x158At Indianapolis Downtown Dentistry your health is our primary focus. We want you to feel confident that you have chosen healthcare providers that meet or exceed all industry standards in infection control.

Why is infection control important? Breaking the chain of infection is the goal of a successful infection control program. Our team is dedicated to an effective infection control program as well as continued education and training in CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommendations.

We follow CDC’s evidence based recommendations for infection control and sterilization by:

  • Implementing effective sterilization and disinfection of patient care items
  • Good hand hygiene practices
  • Implementing environmental infection control-housekeeping and clinical contact surface disinfection
  • Use of efficient dental unit water lines to prevent biofilm
  • Disposal of sharps and biohazardous wastes
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Biological monitoring of steam autoclave sterilization equipment via Indiana University sterilization monitoring service