The 5 Best Foods For Your Teeth


You see a lot of information on the Internet about foods that are bad for your teeth. Well, here at Indianapolis Downtown Dentistry we try to stay positive as much possible. What about foods that are good for your teeth? Those exist, right? They sure do! Here are the top 5 best foods for your teeth!

1. Milk

You’ve always heard that milk is great for your bones, but did you know it is also good for your teeth? The same way that the calcium in milk helps your bones, calcium is great for creating strong teeth. Try to drink at least one glass of milk a day.

2. Fresh Wild Caught Salmon

Fresh fatty fish like salmon is packed full of Vitamin D. If you want that milk and calcium to get to your teeth Vitamin D will help. Vitamin D is crucial for oral health because it allows your body to absorb and use calcium. Think of Vitamin D as the the body guards letting calcium into your teeth.

3. Citrus

Don’t be surprised by this one. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons help keep your teeth strong and healthy by strengthening the blood vessels in your gums. Vitamin C is the main factor in this. Vitamin C is also known as a natural cure to gingivitis due to the fact that it reduces inflammation.

4. Strawberries

Like citrus fruits strawberries are packed with gum strengthening Vitamin C. Did you know that just a cup of fresh strawberries has more than 70 % of the daily need of Vitamin C? Strawberries smoothies for everyone!

5. Water

I know what you’re thinking. Water? Really? YES! Having a glass of water throughout your day is one of the best things you can do for your teeth. Every time you drink water that water washes away food and other debris around your teeth. This is one of the main reasons our body creates saliva. Staying hydrated can help you keep cavities and other dental diseases away.

Head to your local grocery store and gather up these 5 foods to keep your teeth healthy and strong.